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Dark Art I-XII
Dark Art I-XII by Debra Scacco
Dark Tooth
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New York: Manor House Monographs, 2013.


"Though these poems are filled with the language of magic, the purpose isn't to pull the wool over the eyes or create a brief moment of pure escapism. Rather, Meetze's magical feats allows us to see and confront our own situation in its actuality: "We are always in the process of / not knowing, I don’t know, reading the book of." The magic of this language conjures a new reality rather than a new fantasy." 


ANDREW WESSELS, reviewed in The Offending Adam


"Meetze’s Dark Art explores the concept of poetry and the manner in which it avoids reification through protean definitions and explanations."

JOSHUA WARE, reviewed in Vouched Books


"Meetze adopts the role of an alchemist, assuring us of his knowledge of the very first causes, the separation of light and dark. Then, using Frazer’s Law of Similarity, he connects us to this old magic, telling us that we, as well, are part of this process. Throughout these poems, our participation is assumed...Stepping into Dark Art is to allow yourself to move into its sphere of influence, to acknowledge the Law of Connection that now exists between you and the text, which is as Meetze asserts, 'the darkest art.'”

TREVOR CALVERT, reviewed in Omniverse



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Dark Art I-XII
20pp. Letterpress printed, hand sewn chapbook.
Order direct from the author. Signed. 
$12.00 + $3.00 S&H
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