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I Have Designed This For You
IHDTFY Back Cover
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Los Angeles: Editions Assemblage, 2007



“Somewhere on the dial between plaintive and pop, James Meetze tunes in a world where even 'a sad Tuscan landscape on my java jacket' can radiate the warmth and transport of an endless California sky. These new poems are fresh and open as plein-air sketches. And to think he has designed it just for you.” 

                    PETER GIZZI, author of In Defense of Nothing


“James Meetze's proud melancholic drawings/poems are utterly Californian. They make me think of the pale orange cartoons that were studies for the tapestries that wound up in castles and palaces, or you know, now, Disneyland. These poems are funny to be 'in,' quick to fade, to move on and become another. It seems the state as big as France and so very different has produced (in him, James) a poet 'sparkling new like light on the ocean.'” 

                    EILEEN MYLES, author of I Must Be Living Twice

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